Thursday, June 7, 2012

Akira TV Service mode

Akira TV TB1238 14RBS3 & 21BSS3W
Press the numbers one and two to go to a twelve channel and press again the number three and eight to go to thirty-eight channels, then press menu, menu lock and press mute and then enter the numbers one, two, three, and eight.
Factory mode will open and you are ready to make further arrangements.

Akira TV CT29XG9A
Press the BC [+] and the two voices.
select press the up and down the program, change the value press the up and down vote.
Always record the data before you change the value system to avoid damage to the television system.

Akira 5N11 CT-29N-19
Press the volume down and volume up simultaneously on the TV is off and then hold the button and turn on the television.
Factory mode will open for you, arrangements must be careful and there should be no mistake, if there is a mistake entering the data will be damaged tv system.
Always remember to record the system data before
make further arrangements.